LogicalDOC Office Add-in is an external component that can be installed on the client computer. https://www.logicaldoc.com/software-features/office-add-in

This tool among other things allows you to start editing a document directly from the LogicalDOC web interface. Simply select a document and click on the "Edit with Office" icon.

At this point LogicalDOC Office Add-in downloads the document on the client computer and launches the appropriate Microsoft Office application: Excel, Word or PowerPoint depending on the extension. The user then finds the document open in the appropriate editor, but if the Addin has not been configured, an error will be shown when saving.

To solve the problem, simply select the configuration icon from the LogicalDOC tab and enter the connection data to the LogicalDOC server that will allow you to save the changes on the document archive.

See also the feature video on YouTube